Falling In Love Again Poem

When you have been hurt once before, falling in love again can be hard because of the fear of another disappointment. For some, that fear can be difficult to overcome and this is reflected in this falling in love again poem below.

All Because Two People Fell In Love

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A Fear

I’m trying not to fall in love again
Been hurt once and can still remember the pain
Struggled all the way to stay sane
Fought thru’ despair to push away the rain
For the sun to emerge and brighter days to reign
No more love but a life that was simple and plain.

Then you appeared and told me I have everything to gain
Because you love me and your love will remain
I want to trust you and let my heart attain
A kind of happiness with you that can sustain
Thru’ all the ups and downs, no matter the strain
But it’s hard to let go of this fear that all would be in vain.

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15 Responses to “Falling In Love Again Poem”

  • phillip galper says:

    this is amazing im going to give it to my gf

  • sErg143 says:

    hi pOh? . .ganda ng poEm nyo. .

  • vanessa says:

    when you brakeup with a guy and he starts talkn behind your back does that mean that he still cares 4 you even though your not together

  • Jick says:

    yes it means he wants you to still notice him.

  • sadiiq says:

    well I would say he will talk the more you exist in his memory and you can’t just disappear some one’s mind right a way even if you had the worst break up :p.

  • Lyn says:

    Hi to you.Such a nice poem it is.I just feel the same way too.The feeling you had is also what i feel right now.It’s really hard with this kind of situation but we still need to be strong inside and outside.Instead you get hurt by it,go,go,life’s too short… It’s not the end of the world.Maybe the right time will come for you next time.Anyway,nice poem again.Keep it up.I love this poem really.Congratulations.

  • renren says:

    such a nice poem, i will give it to the person who let me know that love does not end at breakups ^^

  • thndmkw7 says:

    nice poem for sure

  • Sangeetha says:

    The poem is excellent!!! i jus love it! “The poem”! hahahahahaha………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • samanthqa says:

    you’re poem was so pretty i loved it

  • James L says:

    My ex fiance broke things off and it was the worst break up possible and now we might be getting back together so I think this fits perfect.

  • Tosha says:

    wow this is a nice and deep poem and i love it its so true

  • I have been having a really hard time getting over my ex, i really appreciate all your tips

  • cetz says:

    My gf recently broke up with me. I felt so horrible. But, as I ran through this site and read the poem, it gave me inspiration to move on. thanks! its a great poem..

  • Monique says:

    I know exactly how that feels its amazing someone put that all into words like that. I had to show it to my new bf…He just sat there and said “wow”. lol. just like the first person had said. My new bf is really into writing poetry and he said this was a really good one, full of real emotion and feeling. I just told him thats basically how im feeling right now and now he understands im just a lil scared but that made him also want to be there to make sure i knew exactly how he feels about me and made him fall deeper for me in the end. so thank you for that one!

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