Heartbroken Poem

A poem for the heartbroken that tells of the depth of feelings for the partner who has left. When theĀ feeling is deep and sincere but the person we love does not feel the same, it is indeed a heartbreaking moment when the relationship ends.

Hidden Depths

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Hidden Depth

You said I didn’t love you enough
You claimed all my words are a bluff
You left not wanting to give us a chance
You walked away without a single glance.

How can you not feel this love burning in me
Why are you blind to its depth that you can’t see
That it has never wavered no matter the tide
It may be hidden but it has never died.

When you told me you wanted to say goodbye
I knew you didn’t even want to give things a try
It breaks the heart thinking how much I love you so
A love that is so deep and yet you didn’t know.

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