Short Rhyming Romantic Love Poem

A short rhyming romantic love poem for a couple who sees themselves as two of a kind. Just like most of my other love poems here, this is a simple creation which hopefully can make someone feel special today.

Two of a Kind

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Two Of A Kind

As I sit and let my thoughts drift
Calm and contentment take hold of my mind
‘Coz each time I let them adrift
They always come back to you, I find.

Our love came deep and swift
So special to have these feelings that bind
A perfect pair we are, it’s like a gift
That’s why I always think we are two of a kind.

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11 Responses to “Short Rhyming Romantic Love Poem”

  • sarah says:

    its good but i wish it rhymed a lil more. but i loved it

  • karen says:

    not much rhyming but it’s nice,cute

  • way says:

    wow,its cute and nice.

  • Christy says:

    I honestly have to say that was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. In a world where so much is so destructive and cruel I have found hope in this writing tool. Thank you

  • star says:

    Everyday I try and try But no matter what, I cant get past these lies,I wake up in the morning with hope in my heart But I go to bed with it torn apart You tell me your going to change and work hard But in reality, your not doing anything but leaving my heart scarred You cant even see how desperate I am, calling out to you, I scream out to you more and more each time But you reject it, you make my love feel like such a crime I thought we were going to be together, All I wanted was you forever I dont know where you went my love I keep searching but every time I get close, the more you shove I feel so alone, in the dark, crawling And each time I think im going to reach the light, im left again bawling Your the only person who ever made me feel complete,You used to be so caring, supportive, understanding, and sweet Now your inconsiderate and coldMe, you no longer have to hold
    You really were the best thing that ever happened to me It used to never be just me and you, but we……………..
    I hope all of it was worth it Because ill be forever drowning in my broken-hearted pit
    I dont want to live my life with out you
    But you gotta figure out what you need to do Ill always love you, until my last breath But your neglect is going to be the cause of my death

  • john says:

    wow, that was a good poem, but sounded very sad at the end, you are very talented, dont let 1 person bring u down

  • tom says:

    thats the sadest thing ive ever heard ): my girlfriend and i are like how you and your boy/girlfriend used to be, thats a little scary i hope nothing like that happens to us, i really love her alot (: and you are very good at writing

  • Justin says:

    I know you say you just want to be friends,
    But I dont want our friendship to ever end,
    So I would Love for us to take it farther,
    And make you my life partner.
    By Justin H

  • mina says:

    i love your poems. keep up the good work. bye

  • mina says:

    now i know how i fell in the morning

  • blake h says:

    these really work

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