Name Poems To Express Your Love

Poems, including love ones, are all about creativity. If you want a personalized poem to tell someone how much you love him or her, try a name poem. Samples of name poems are as follows:


Always a kind-hearted soul you are
Unlike any other, you are above par
Door to my heart you have pushed ajar
Ripping away my loneliness and scar
Even if one day you have to travel far
You will still be my only love star.

Etre Deux
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Personalized name poems can also describe the character of the person you are dedicating it to:


Terrific is one word to define you
Earnest is your love for me too
Romantic you can be when it’s only us two
Entertainer you would be when I’m blue
Naughty when I least expect you to
Caring which shows you love me true
Endearing I know you will be all the way through.

Name poems can be a sweet way to tell someone how you feel or what you think of him or her. For now, I’m offering to write such poems for others for US$2 per letter/line. If you are interested, you can contact me at poemsforcards(at)yahoo(dot)com for details.

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