Love Poems To Boyfriends

If you have a man that cares a lot for you, surprise him with this poem to a boyfriend. After all, if you have found the man of your dreams, why not tell him how much he means to you in your life.

A Gentle Stream

It is every woman’s dream
To find a man who can share
A life together as a team
Thru’ happiness and despair
A man who can make her beam
And knows how to care
That love becomes a theme
Circling warmly in the air
Life flows like a gentle stream
That’s because of you, I swear.

Under the Stars
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For another love poem to your boyfriend, you can look at the following which expresses both your love for each other.

My Wonderful Guy

Although I’m a little shy
Let me look you in the eye
And tell you you’re a wonderful guy
Who never fails to care when I cry
And who always made it a point to try
To show that you’re my truest ally
Your love I can always rely
Through times low and high
You say your love will never die
But neither will I ever say goodbye.

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