Love Poems For Your Girlfriend

When it comes to love poems for your girlfriend, the usual thing is to show that you will love and protect her always. After all, most women like a man to be strong and be there for her through thick and thin. 

A Love That Will Stay

I will walk with you without going astray
Even if hardships ahead they lay
I will give you a loving hug everyday
No matter whether the sky is sunny or gray
I will shield you when harm comes your way
You must not be hurt come what may
I will make your days happy and gay
For your fears I will try to allay
I will remember the days to buy you a bouquet
‘Till I’m old and my memory is in disarray
I now only have this to convey
That I love you and my love is here to stay.

Do You Love Me?

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Another love poem for a girlfriend that you can ponder over which reveals your feelings of love and appreciation.

A Love To Smile Upon

In my heart I can clearly detect
These feelings to cherish and protect
A woman whom I can connect
And who has given me more than I expect.

I’m certainly beginning to suspect
That as a lover you are simply perfect
Making me love you in every respect
Can’t help but smile whenever I stop to reflect.

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380 Responses to “Love Poems For Your Girlfriend”

  • i dont want to use any quotes written by someone else.. i dont want to use regular word for you i just want to tell you that .. i love you so much beyond your expectations… i can’t live without you even a day… but if you leave me i don’t need to suicide because i will automatically die….

  • Aly Roda says:

    For My Love Mabelle
    After my death, I’ll move up to sky. I’ll write by your name on every star. So, youlook up every night and see…how much I loved you! ♥
    B7ebeek :)

  • prebble says:

    you can dig up all the diamonds, all the gold and all the platinum. they are precious. But not as precious as you!!!

    For my baby Paige

  • favio hernandez says:

    good poems

  • seth dixon says:

    i just love amanda shae bishop u guys i mean shes just thelight in my life before i met her i was drinking and on drugs and im only 15 now its all gone she takes all the pain away

  • yenlin says:

    when i met you you stole my heart,when i met you you were gods greatest work of art,when i met you your love hit me like a dart,and i love you thats coming from deep within my heart. Thats for my baby akyra

  • izzy says:

    one dai you will ask me what is more important…me…or your life…? i say my life… walk away without knwing u are my lifee <3<3<3 ily soff

  • Gary says:

    The only reason Y i love the A B C is because of u

  • Habib amani says:

    dear all It was very nice poem

  • drew says:

    Of loving lips soft eyes,
    He thinks of her he slowly dies,
    Its all so hard its all so true,
    You’re beautiful and i love you

  • victor says:

    nice poems guys i love it, also i have one.

    The days has pass the sun has set the moon has shine but still my love is still far away this i can’t touch her but her presents i feel inside me, and i wish there could be a way to find my way out, but i would walk a thousand mile to look for her cause where ever her beauty lies so does my heart n i shall be with u till eternity.

  • Callum. says:

    not really a peom:L —– its a poem for a girl..

    youre the best girlfriend ive had, and i love youu sooo much. i love your smile and your laugh, and just the way that you act when your with me…i love the ways you look into my eyes and then kiss me, and the ways that you hug me when we’re together. i love you!!!

  • Callum. says:

    just said that to my gf, and now shes putty..

  • seth says:

    roeses are red vilets are blue hunny i will always love you

  • martin says:

    i love my girl friend Ema ,

    she is so beautiful i want to be with her for ever never break up with her she is so beautiful I love her with all my heart, my heart open’s wide and say’s i love i just want to be with you forever no matter what happens to each other I’m always there for you i know there are other girls but your special then any girl in the world i want to be with you for ever no matter what I will protect you from danger and if i die you know who save your life there’s all lot of pretty girl but not special then you but IF I DO DIE I WANT TO TELL EVERY ONE THAT I LOVE THEM AND I WILL MISS YOU BABY I WILL NEVER EVER LET YOU GO OR LOSE YOU EITHER I’M WITH YOU ALWAYS there for you I’m in your souls and mind and heart ???????????????????????? <3 :)

  • martin says:

    Dear Ema, I’m writing this because i love and you know i will protect you from any danger. my heart beat’s goes down and my heart goes fast when I’m with you baby i need you i always lonely inside of me and your very important in my life i miss you and i love you there’s no one that could take you because your my girl. yo TE AMO CON TODO MI CORZONA . There is no body that can take that from my hand’s because No One can’t break” TURE” love that’s what i think. E+M= LOVE 4EVER


  • alex says:

    i came here to find a poem for my girl. and i ust want thank you for helping me she fell in love and were ingaged

  • jamal says:

    i love youu babe && i think you are the most beautifull thing on the earth for me in my eyes

  • Paul says:

    i think of you when i sleep, words a want to speak, is stuck in my head,like a lyric of pain,, i love yu danielle i really do,, you make my day of sunny or gray,, your my true love to stay im inlove with you with every word i say… <3

  • apiali says:

    if moon can come out at 9 morning??
    why i cannot be in ur heart??

  • john says:

    i love you forever nd always until the end of day my heart belongs too you m+j=<3

  • markes says:


  • avair henry says:

    i love u like crazy ,u are my baby u, are the love of my life ,plese dont leave me and i will never leave u, u made me happy, u mad me sad, but i reather be with u the one who broke my haert ,i love u abi :)

  • avair henry says:

    I love u abi:) <3

  • Muthu says:

    I love you tomorrow more than i did yesterday

  • Chris Evanns says:

    Heres something i composed for my wife on our first anniversary!!
    “As beautiful as the sunrising against the waters depths,yes you are; as sweet as this melody i sing to the rhythm of my heart”

  • dustin and jeremy happily married says:

    i love you dustin

  • jeremy an dustin happily married says:

    i love you so much jeremy

  • nicolascaleb says:

    all of these r soo grate

  • jake says:

    you are like a missing piece of a puzzle i cant imagine life with out u

  • Tyler says:

    Love means something to me and you love means something to others to but love will always mean something to me and you

  • Matt - 15 says:

    Love you now
    Love you forever
    Our heart’s are the ocean
    Lets sail forever

  • Tyler says:

    How do I start what do I say I love u and u take my breth away I start like this love me hold me motavate me to do rate things now i started how do i end i end like this I LOVE U!!!

  • thabit says:

    i love wonderful,nice and best poem of love for letting her love me more

  • mister anderson says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You love me
    And I love you too <3

  • Boii says:

    Last night I was talking to the moon and i said what should I say to her??

    The moon said tell her there is no tomorrow with out you.

  • Nebiyu says:

    the greatest distance on earth is not north and south
    its when am in front of and u didn’t know that i love u

  • Abdulrahman says:

    I would like to walk in the rain because no one should knows i am crying

  • Floresitas says:

    I’m thinking of someone special right now. You know who it is! I’ll give you a hint go look in the mirror and see what I see, it’s that beautiful girl that’s smiling right now because she knows she’s the one, the one that makes my day with a simple hey and a smile from you is the perfect way to complete my day! :)

  • silly says:

    I love these poems :D

  • MIke MIller says:

    numbers and alphabets
    water and rock
    up and down
    left and right
    me and you

  • weji says:

    did it hurt falling from heaven the sun
    rises just to see you

  • weji says:

    my heart belongs to you that you know how much i love u
    ilove you ashley

  • gamer boy says:

    invisible i am, when you think of me, in in front of you I’ll always be,maybe one day you’ll remember me :P :) (L) (when you read this think of someone you have forgotten in a while and think yes i remember you my heart and sole that was stole from you loving you my sweet love you to)

  • robin and laura says:

    Thanks for all these poems they reali helped

  • Melvin says:

    I just used one of these poems and my girl lOves me more thn ever thnks peeps love y’all :)

  • Abdulrashid says:

    Tnx alots dis poems really helped

  • Edward says:

    The first thing i do everyday is think about you,second think i do is see your face ,the third think i do everyday is miss your cute face when i go too sleep,for my baby daisy

  • Edward says:

    The first thing i do everyday is think about you,second think i do is see your face ,the third think i do everyday is miss your face.for my baby daisy.

  • andrew says:

    Beth my girlfriend will love this stuff

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