Love Poems For Your Girlfriend

When it comes to love poems for your girlfriend, the usual thing is to show that you will love and protect her always. After all, most women like a man to be strong and be there for her through thick and thin. 

A Love That Will Stay

I will walk with you without going astray
Even if hardships ahead they lay
I will give you a loving hug everyday
No matter whether the sky is sunny or gray
I will shield you when harm comes your way
You must not be hurt come what may
I will make your days happy and gay
For your fears I will try to allay
I will remember the days to buy you a bouquet
‘Till I’m old and my memory is in disarray
I now only have this to convey
That I love you and my love is here to stay.

Do You Love Me?

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Another love poem for a girlfriend that you can ponder over which reveals your feelings of love and appreciation.

A Love To Smile Upon

In my heart I can clearly detect
These feelings to cherish and protect
A woman whom I can connect
And who has given me more than I expect.

I’m certainly beginning to suspect
That as a lover you are simply perfect
Making me love you in every respect
Can’t help but smile whenever I stop to reflect.

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380 Responses to “Love Poems For Your Girlfriend”

  • shelby says:

    the suns rays,
    hold no flame,
    to the beauty of yours i get to see everyday

  • ulises says:

    i love the way u love me especially when u hug me. u are my heart u are my life i want to make u my wife. just roll the dice and my love will always come out twice.

  • ulises says:

    every night i dream of you. every morning i think of you. from morning to night ur always on my mind to every second of my time no matter wat i will love you all the time hoping love is not a crime because i do it all the time

  • chnedu says:

    i know you won’t believe this,since the day i set my eyes on you i have never fill this way before.please i mean all of the above.

  • Kelvin Medlock says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Who cares about roses or violets,
    When I love you

  • ????? says:

    roses are red,
    hearts are too,
    my heart skips a beat,
    whenever i see you :-)

  • lorenzo says:

    every time i see you you make me feel like i am in heven evey time i kiss u ur lips are like a vinila shake evey day i think of u and to day i only want you to know is that i will always love u

  • lorenzo says:

    i know i migt suck its my 1 time i will get better

  • Imran Robert says:

    i don’t how to write poems i lost it everything and stop looking love because only who is looking true but girls or woman’s just looking enjoyment know one understand what is real love ,

  • Michael says:

    Loved you once
    Love you still
    Always have
    Always will

  • Sam says:

    This is a poem i wrote for a special girl

    when i frist looked in your eyes
    i flew in the sky
    when we first hugged
    i knew you were my drug
    when im with you
    i wished i had glue
    to stick with you

  • thomas says:

    ♥♥♥♥Love is true when im with you,
    Love is blue when we split in two,
    Our love is forever when you dont say never,
    My love for you is two true to be blue,
    My love for you is so very true when im standing right next to you,
    My love is so true when im so deeply in love with you,
    Your love for me is like my love for you,
    My love is true when im with you.♥♥♥♥

  • kieran says:

    tanigah i wish u could give me a chnce i love u i love u i love u

  • Justin says:

    I love u so much baby dont u cry
    Because i never wanna say goodbye
    Because my love for u will allways fly
    Like a dove in the sky

  • JOEL says:

    Roses r red
    Violets r blue
    angels in heaven
    Know that I need someone like you to survive
    we may cry but our Tears will dry
    But understand me that my love for you
    Will never die
    this is for you Sara b.
    i love you babyboo <3

  • Kendall says:

    The days grow longer when your away
    But our love shall never fall astray
    I do not tell lies and that is true
    i dnt wana spend another without you

  • Kendall says:

    I Ment “Second without you”

  • ryan says:

    hope these work guys

  • sarthak says:

    i see a beautiful shinning star!
    when i meet u i
    feel like im in space
    when we talked 2 each other
    what only in my mouth is 2 say that
    i love you so much!!!!!!
    my love for you will never end…..!!!!!!!!

  • porfirio says:

    ur my sunshine cuzz ur the only girl i love in the hold beauty of girl i would chose u i never like a girl like u never want u to go away i always love u n alway will if u leave me i will never be the same person i was if u leave me i wil never be happy as i was im the hapopies person on earth cuzz i have u beside me n my love for u will never die it endless

  • Jbott says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    You are so beautiful,
    I mean that too!

  • Jbott says:

    Every day I think about you,
    Every day I miss you more,
    Every day I only wish 
    That I was truly yours.

  • drake says:

    roses r red violets r blue my babe is always wit me and i dont think i can let her go

  • drake says:

    i am always here
    she is gone and she is my honey bun

  • nayara says:

    love u once
    love u still
    always have
    always will

  • jason c says:

    sticks and stones may break my bones but everything you say only fuels my lungs

  • sijmdsmkmd says:

    en este mundo hay muchas mujeres,
    haci tambien hay muchas estrellas,
    pero tu eres mi favorita de todas ellas.

  • sijmdsmkmd says:

    my life will never be the same,
    mostly if you are away

  • eligonza says:

    i use to love you
    but thats the past
    now i past by
    and you are the one
    who wants me back

  • map says:

    you are the key to my heart
    you are the key to my life
    will you be forever my wife

  • american. josh c says:

    roses are red violets are blue

    your hearts as big as my love for you

    when your down with a frown im

    always around to turn it upside-down

  • jeramiah says:


  • Keyto says:

    Wow so amazing….tanx i think i felt inlove wif myself

  • akshay says:

    i love you khushboo till my last breath ….
    i cant forgive u ……..
    ……………………………..i love u a lot………….but u cant understand my feelings……………..i love you …….khushboo

  • SOFARI says:

    you drive me crazy when you call on me,am left wondering if i will ever see you again you are my life.

  • Penis says:

    My girlfriend is AMAZING!!!

  • marc says:

    this ite is good im going to give one or 2 poem to my gf and i will let u guy know bc this is awesome u guy are good thx

  • M.A.V says:

    I don’t my crossing hundred rivers,
    climbing thousand wall,
    no mater the heavy thundering rainstorm,
    or even crossing the Sahara desert ,
    always know my dying love will always find a way to u my love

  • nerhys says:

    with your love close to my heart i can ask for nothing more near or far wherever i go you will be my companion for ever i love you

  • akshay says:

    when i see u i don understand wat i hav to do… heart beat is like dham dha…..ohhh dat feeling dam man

  • Garcia says:

    first time i saw u,
    it waz love at 1st sight,
    my heart grew wings,
    and began to take flight,
    everytime u get near me,
    my muscles get tight,
    my knees start to tremble,
    u get so nervous
    i cant even speak right,
    i dream of u every night,
    nd i hope u think of me,
    at least a while

  • Garcia says:

    u make me tremble,
    u make me smile,
    i need u close to me,
    ill cry if u aint wth me alone 4 a while

  • cameron says:

    my girl friend cried when i told her this

  • marc says:

    telll me what you think

    First time I saw u,
    it was love at 1st sight,
    my heart grew wings,
    and began to take flight
    You broth me down back
    To hearth because you are
    Down to heart when I lock
    In your eye I get lost in then
    Beautiful bleu eye of yours
    When I see you I fell back
    More in love with you every
    Time I kiss you I want to kiss
    You more when I give you a
    Hug I don’t want to let you go
    You mean the world to me love you babe

  • jake says:

    I love you more each and every day,
    Your so beautiful and perfect in every way,
    My love for u will never delay,
    I’ll never let go, not even for a day for my girlfriend harneet tut

  • garcia says:

    did she cried cause she liked it or why did she cry?

  • amanullah pouya says:

    every thing go down in the river
    the king or the begger
    forget your high desires
    hope for some, u become higher

  • Roberto Claros says:

    when i first saw you the world around you stopped, the only thing i saw was an angel,
    ask me if i love you and i will say a lot!, the beautifulest thing in the world wearing a halo,
    im so happy now that you are mine, i have the prettiest head because your always on my mind,
    the weather seems perfect everytime we are together, i will be with you baby always and forever♥

    for my baby shelbie♥ :D

  • this is not a poem but im just saying this to a girl i trully love she hates my gut’s how do i get her to not to from kevin chandler

  • Victor M says:

    In the begining was my love, and my love was with you, and my love was you

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