Short Funny Love Poems

A short funny love poem that speaks of two people having different tastes and personalities and yet finding themselves in love with each other.

Am I Senile?

I don’t see your need
To scrub every single bathroom tile
I scratch my head each time
Seeing the amount of groceries you stockpile
I wish I could just change
That annoying ringtone of your mobile
I can’t help but think
You have such terrible dressing style
I don’t know how
We can fall in love being so different in profile
I just have to say
This must be real love unless I have gone senile!
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Another short love poem with this one focusing on the saying that love is blind.

Love Is Blind

I must be out of my mind
Finding you the most beautiful of all mankind
I have choices, myself I remind
And yet all other dates I simply declined
Your faults a long list they lined
But surprisingly, no revulsion in me I can find
You’re not the ideal mate I have defined
No wonder people always say love is blind!!

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