Long Distance Relationship Poems

When it comes to long-distance relationships, the common thinking is out of sight means out of mind. But it may not necessarily be so. This long distance relationship poem below touches on this issue.

Thinking of You Everyday

People always have this to say
That distance will make love drifts away
If out of sight you have to stay
Out of mind it will be one fine day.

For me I know my love will never sway
No matter how many miles between us lay
Without you near the days may be grey
But this love inside me makes everything ok.

Love is not always as flimsy as they portray
Because when absence comes into play
The heart simply grows fonder without delay
I know mine does as I think of you everyday.

Frankly, my husband and I were once living apart for about 7 years. He and I are from different countries and thus, the separation. It takes a lot to keep a long distance relationship going but I have to admit that my husband was very good at keeping the sparks alive.

He never failed to call and send me cards as well as gifts. When two people are far away from each other, I think gifts take on added significance. Because receiving gifts is one way of making you feel that the other person still care about you and think of you. Which brings me to this very meaningful gift that you can give your loved one who is far away:


I don’t think you can go wrong with a Message In A Bottle. Send one out today and I’m sure your partner will feel loved and special.

By the way, trust is also one big problem when two people are apart. This long distance relationship love poem below deals with this sensitive topic.


Far away you can be if you must
For this love can never rust
If we make it a point to talk and adjust
We will still have the same yearning and lust
All it boils down to is a little trust
And this love won’t simply turn to dust.

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56 Responses to “Long Distance Relationship Poems”

  • this is so beauitful for everyone :)

  • Rachael says:

    Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your poem. My husband is serving in Afghanistan and it touched me so deeply that I shared it with him. Very beautiful.

  • brookie says:

    Hey. i just wanted to tell you that i absolutely love this poem, bc i have recently moved away to college and my boyfriend and i have had so many ppl tell us that we wont make it till i graduate, but i know we can do it.

  • kIARA says:


  • Jessics says:

    I really liked this poem b/c my boyfriend lives in Kentucky and I live in St.Elmo. We been dating for 9 months and its going GREAT. I just wanted to say that this poem made me realize that distance dont matter so I just wanted to let you know that this poem is AWSOME.

  • carla says:

    i love this poem…i met my boyfriend through chat. He’s in New York and I’m from Philippines.There was this one time that i miss him so much and so I googled some poems on the net so i can send it to him…and I saw this.This is poem is so romantic..I’m posting this comment so that my boyfriend would be able to see it too.I LOVE U AHSAN KARIM!!!!

  • lani says:

    this poem is so great.. ilove it..godbless uuu

  • tiara says:

    I read your poem, it really helped me b/c my boyfriend lives in kansas and I live in california. And when I miss him, i read your poems and it helps me alot!

  • candice says:

    i can relate to both poems.. i do the things mostly.. its hard sometimes but its harder to just give up and cry.. i find solace in expressing my love..even if i dont get much in return.

  • Katie says:

    Hey this poem is wonderful, I live in Australia and my boyfriend lives in New Zealand we are gettin really excited about meeting sometime this year!! this poem really made me realise just how much i really do love and adore him, thank you so much for taking the time to post it online =)

  • Saira says:

    I just wanted to tell you that this is such a touching poem I really like it…… God Bless you Bye

  • Joanne says:

    Hi, I love this poem, me and my partner are really struggling with the distance between us, my partner is in New Jersey and I am in the UK, so our long distance is added with a time zone too. But when I saw this poem it really spoke to me. I couldnt wait to show it to him. God bless you for this wonderful poem

  • selena says:

    i really liked da poems…. i been apart from ma boyfriend for a while now n it hurts.. but i no dat we allways gon stand strong. ya poem is really good. i liktededet alot :)

  • lisa says:

    My Bf lives in New York and i live in South Africa ,

  • Hi there! My boyfriend and I are really inspired with this poem. Im currently working here in Maldives while Erick (BF) left in Philippines. We both know that through this distance our love and trust to each other will become stronger and deeper. Next year, we are planning to face the altar of marriage with the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty. True love waits, indeed! God bless and more power!

  • Katiee says:

    Awww that is such an amazing poem because my
    boyfriend recently moved to Florida & i live in California.
    we have been together for 1 year and 3 months. & its just
    so sad thats he’s all the way out there. but i hope i got visit him
    i really love him.

  • Alecks says:

    Great read. I was surfing the web for some form of comfort. My fella lives in Indonesia. But i shall be meeting him soon in June. Even though its just gonna be for 4 days. Although sometimes, it does kinda feel like i’m more into it than he. But here’s hoping! Miss him so much sometimes. Alas, with matters of the heart, you give and you give but shouldn’t expect anything in return. More power to those of you in long distance relationships. :)

  • stacie says:

    haiiz.. awww i soooo love these poems..

    i live nearly 9 hours from my boyfriend.. even tho i see him nearly every month for onli 3 days to a week i miss him heapz. itz not long enuff lol

    buh we have gone thru heapz alredy and were stil kickin lol

    wat i have learnt tho is nevah take things for granted and nevah live with regrets..

    i love you with all my heart matty… u mah whole world baby

    wen i see u.. omg!! hehe nuffin can compare to waking up nekst to u smiling at me and gving me sweet lil kisses i wudnt trade it in for the world bubbah

    i love you xXx

  • Donna says:

    I met my boyfriend on a fluke. I was in the depths of despair. Depression had taken it’s toll. I WAS ready to end it all. Then one night, as I was playing a card game on my computer, My cat strolled across my keyboard, flipping my screen side ways. Not knowing how to fix it. I had typed in “function key menu”. A computer help site popped up at the top. He answered my request on how to correct this. I truly believe that we were matched in Heaven, but were not meant to be together till now, as if we were not ready for each other yet. The trials and tribulations of life have conditioned us to be able to love each other the way that we do. We met face to face after chatting for 3 months online. We told each other things that could not be dragged out of us in years of counseling. Believing that we would never meet because of the 500 miles between us. When we finally did meet, it was as if we had never been strangers. To this day, I have typed “function key menu” into every search engine that I have, in both browser’s, and I still can not get that site to come up first on the list as it did that night. I truly believe that he was Heaven sent. God! I love this man. And he loves me. Totally, un-conditionally. I love you Joe!

  • Kyle says:

    totaly cool poem me and my gf are living on opposite ends of south africa and its very hard this poem made me feel better thanks!!!!!!

  • aish says:

    wow its a rilli touching poem coz im in hk while my husband is in pakistan i miss him a lot i come to hk coz i need to apply for his visa for hk well i jus love him a lot and his my everything so i just cant wait to be with him again and he also misses me alot he always call me and he never forget to say i love u his a rilli sweet husband

  • secret says:

    OH YEAH. THATS TRUE.. I LIVE IN PHILIPPINES.. AND HE LIVES IN TUNISIA ..we rili love each other..and we get to see each othr^^tnx

  • sweet says:

    this is sooo sweet i have a bf that lives in jamaica andi live in the US trust me its hard definetly but we’re trying to cope hopefully we will get marriedo ne day i love him too much to depart from him

    love ann.

    xoxoxwonderful poem:)

  • Cynthia says:

    This poem is very nice, especially that im in a long distance relationship for about 4 months, and i love him and plan to spend the rest of my life with him. My parents are taking me to see him. I live in Miami, he lives in Jersey 10.1.09 <3

  • Diana says:

    your poem is soo beautiful. it gave me hope.i am in a very long distance relationship. my boyfriend is in usa and am in Zimbabwe. i feel closer to him than i have been with anyone else.

  • Ragan says:

    I love reading poems. Recently me & my ex broke up & I’m still in love with him, & in two years he’s moving to Colorado springs & i will most likely not see him after he moves. nothing can ever come between how I feel for him… and he doesn’t understand how I feel about him. I don’t want him to leave… and sometimes I just can’t wait to hate him but I know I will never be able to hate him because what we had was SO special. :( i love him with everything and would do anything to get him back. but he’s leaving so I’m thinking about just giving up, but you’re never supposed to give up on the one you love so it’s very confusing. and my heart is breaking.

  • nonso says:

    i reall love this poem it is very very touching

  • Monica says:

    Truly a beautiful poem. I tugged the strings of my heart. Im currently on the other side of the world, me being in Hungary, my bf in australia… im missing him everyday but i know we will stick it through <3

  • Alnie Castro GOnzalez says:

    I love my boyrfriend so much since we’ve met last year by chance coz of the filipinahearts website until now we are doing well and since we are apart I’m trying to find means that we can hold on until we are going to settle down. He’s In Puerto Rico and I’m in Thailand but I’m a filipina. We’ve met together fr almost 9 months just talking online and sending text eveyday and even emails. I love him so much thats why I’m here in this site to let him know how much i love him by sending this poem.
    MOre Power for this site…thanks

  • Isabella says:

    Aww! Love the poem. My Boyfriend lives in Auckland, New Zealand and I live in the Capital. Our Baby duaghter Sophie misses him so much!
    I’ve so gotta send him that poem!
    Thanks <3

  • kam says:

    this poem made me feel so much better about my relationship. it gives me hope that it will work. i live in missouri and my girlfriend lives in turkey.

  • Falling says:

    Hello. I dont know if you actually read all these comments.. It seems like a lot, but i hope you do. I loved your poem. I write when i can as well, and your writing really inspired me. I dont want to tell you my whole life story, (theres not enough space) but i move quite a bit, six places in twelve years. And recently i had to leave my girlfriend of fourteen months and move nine hundred miles away. She is the love of my life and i could never live without her. You gave me a new feeling of strength in our relationship. So thank you very, very much. Please keep the love flowing.

  • Lyndy says:

    Ok, my boyfriend Owen Farver moved and I am so sad because we have absolutely NO way to communicate because he doesn’t have a cell and he wouldn’t send me anything that had his new home number on it! :( but he is going to CrossRoads and thats my middle school

  • Rae says:

    My boyfriend lives in Maryland and i live in California.
    It does get hard having the person you love more than
    anything be so far from you but for some reason you just know its all worth it. Like when you hear them talk or get a txt from them it kinda assures you that things will be okay. I think of how much he loves me and all the things he would do just to make me happy and that easily gets me through even the hardest days.

  • Maria says:

    i have a friend across the united states and i live in Idaho….This makes me have hope on our relationship!thanx so much ;)

  • adela says:

    omg this is so touching..my future boyfrend left to the marines n i receive a letter from him every week n is very hard but i guess f others can i can also wait for him

  • dhruvi says:

    Ii was touchhed too read dis…i livee in uk nd my bf lives in dubaii…we beenn togther for nearly 2years and we lovee each soo muchhh even though we met truu chat…iim gna send him dis poem bcus it touched my heart nd it will touch his too….:)x

  • Spartachilles says:

    Very nice poem; my fiancee lives in LA over 8 hours away from me now. I was very happy to share this with her; it got us both really talking and having one of those deep moments with eachother :) thank you so much for this talented piece.

  • katrina says:

    omg this poem is great i love it my bf lives in louisiana and i live in oklahoma so its great

  • priscilla foster says:

    i met my boyfriend here in victoria and we love each other and we see each other and we go everywhere he takes me and we stay 2-gather we been 2-gather for 8 months so we are happy

  • Cadre O says:

    quite a sweet messages it fuels my romantic bone

  • jamie k says:

    Just a simple THANK YOU..

  • samuel says:

    i loved your poem…me and my girlfriend are separated by distance, she is in AFRICA(KENYA) and am here in the USA….i read your poem and i choose it to communicate with her…to let her know that no matter the distance our love will be alive…i love you DIANA

  • Amber A says:

    I met my bf of bbm through a chat of mutual friends we havnt met before only talked on the phone and bbm of course!!!!!!!! We have this intense connection, same life goals and laugh more then ever!!! Cant wait til we met 3 more weeks and hes coming to my home town 2000 km away from him

  • catz says:

    wow,just today i talked to my bf on the phone,were together here in philippines for 3 yrs but he moved to indiana for work,so i left here,i missed him so much,then i searched a poem for long distance relationship then i found this one,it is amazing cuz the big problem about long distance relationship is on how to trust ur partner,but with this poem made me realized that i love this guy and i have to trust him..thanx again

  • dave says:

    peoms in this site are really touching… i love you heartqoh15…

  • I really like this poem! It helped me be closer to my girlfriend… I’m a girl, she’s a girl, It’s not weird We’re just like that, we’re bi! I live about 325 miles away from her… But I hope one day I can meet her:D It would be so awesome if I met her!!!

  • sangam adhikari says:

    my life love n everything is in netherlands.missing her so much.anu missing u

  • derick says:

    yeah i wrote this poem ill send you my link so you guys can see my other stuff if you like this stuff just email me

  • Florian says:

    Thank you so much. I live in Germany, my girlfriend lives in Sweden and we started to drift apart and after I said this poem to her it felt as though we became close again. Thank You ever so much :)

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