Long Distance Relationship Poems

When it comes to long-distance relationships, the common thinking is out of sight means out of mind. But it may not necessarily be so. This long distance relationship poem below touches on this issue.

Thinking of You Everyday

People always have this to say
That distance will make love drifts away
If out of sight you have to stay
Out of mind it will be one fine day.

For me I know my love will never sway
No matter how many miles between us lay
Without you near the days may be grey
But this love inside me makes everything ok.

Love is not always as flimsy as they portray
Because when absence comes into play
The heart simply grows fonder without delay
I know mine does as I think of you everyday.

Frankly, my husband and I were once living apart for about 7 years. He and I are from different countries and thus, the separation. It takes a lot to keep a long distance relationship going but I have to admit that my husband was very good at keeping the sparks alive.

He never failed to call and send me cards as well as gifts. When two people are far away from each other, I think gifts take on added significance. Because receiving gifts is one way of making you feel that the other person still care about you and think of you. Which brings me to this very meaningful gift that you can give your loved one who is far away:


I don’t think you can go wrong with a Message In A Bottle. Send one out today and I’m sure your partner will feel loved and special.

By the way, trust is also one big problem when two people are apart. This long distance relationship love poem below deals with this sensitive topic.


Far away you can be if you must
For this love can never rust
If we make it a point to talk and adjust
We will still have the same yearning and lust
All it boils down to is a little trust
And this love won’t simply turn to dust.

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56 Responses to “Long Distance Relationship Poems”

  • Randy says:

    I love the every romantic words being used. I love to hear everytime from my girlfriend too.
    What I can concluded is Love is all about sacrifice.
    I believe in love

  • Zoë says:

    Thanks very much for these poems. I Live in Holland and he lives in Finland. And we have this longdistance relationship all through skype from the beginning, we hope to meet each other soon cause it’s hard not to be with the one you love especially when you havent seen each other yet :-( LOve you baby

  • Kai Marie says:

    I just want to say im deployed right now and it feels as if everyday me and my husband is getting farther and father apart..and this just makes me feel way better to say to him with 9 months left overseas

  • Anon says:

    My boyfriend and I see each other frequently because we compete in the same sport,but when I say frequently I mean a couple of times a year. It’s not severe compared to other couples, I know, but on my side of the family they keep trying to convince me that we won’t make it. He lives in SD and I live in PA, so we’re far in terms of distance, and I got the pleasure of being able to share this poem with him. He said that henstarted to tear up reading it. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful poem!

  • frisa says:

    i luv my boyfriend so much
    i miss you baby
    i hope one day we can meet

  • siyabonga says:

    i love you maxaba distance or no distance i love u qha

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