Short Cute Love Poems

If you want to give someone a short love poem, a cute one will usually result in a smile. Sometimes, when we just want to say something sweet, a short cute love poem with a simple gift is more than enough to brighten someone’s day.

Love Mug

Let me give you a big hug
And present you with a special mug
Filled with my love from a bottomless jug
To make you feel all warm and snug.

Cup of Coffee with Foam in the Shape of a Heart

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This short cute love poem below is another light-hearted verse with a simple message. You can send it for whatever the occasion or just because you feel like doing so for the day.

Love Pill

Have you fed me with a special pill
That makes my feelings overflow and spill
With love for you that is so deep until
A whole ocean it can easily fill!

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